Unplugging the Automotive Wiring Harness Blues

Littelfuse offers modular alternative to automobile electrical systems

Wouldn’t it be great to install an automotive wiring harness without having to deal with yards of wires, junction boxes, relays and more?

Littelfuse’s solid-state ISIS™ Intelligent Multiplex System, is superior to traditional automobile electrical systems because it conserves wiring and requires no relays or huge fuse boxes.

Everything you need to create imaginative automobile electrical systems is contained in the modules. Install the ISIS MASTERCELL™ input unit close to the dashboard and mount a POWERCELL™ control unit in the car’s front end. Run power to the MASTERCELL unit and connect  control switches to the MASTERCELL unit. Wire the lights, horn, starter solenoid and turn signals to the POWERCELL, and connect the MASTERCELL unit to POWERCELL unit with the supplied cable. The MASTERCELL’s microprocessor tells the POWERCELL unit how to control a particular device.

You can program the MASTERCELL unit for custom functions like lift control or light dimming. Add up to four more POWERCELL units to handle up to 50 electrical devices without the long, complex wiring of traditional automotive wiring harnesses.

The ISIS Intelligent Multiplex System can control any function, whether you are installing entire automobile electrical systems, adding components to existing systems, or augmenting an ISIS installation. ISIS also eliminates up to 60 percent of the wiring associated with a traditional automotive wiring harness, reducing your car’s weight off the starting line.

Install ISIS in your ride instead of a traditional automotive wiring harness, and hit the streets or track with simplicity and style.

Automobile electrical systems comparison

Photo caption: ISIS replaces a complex traditional automotive wiring harness with modules.