Littelfuse ISIS Intelligent Multiplex System - wire harness and auto electrical system



What Is The ISIS Intelligent Multiplex System?

A Modular, solid-state, microprocessor controlled automotive electrical system that can replace or enhance a traditional wireharness regardless of the type of vehicle, make model or year.


What Are The Benefits Of The ISIS Multiplex System Compared

To A Wiring Harness?

ISIS saves time and money by limiting the need for purchasing additional parts and professional labor associated with electrical installation

ISIS makes installation and diagnostics easy with built-in diagnostics for real time testing of electrical connections and localized wiring of circuits for short wire runs and easy connections.

ISIS Improves saftety and reliability by removing the need for voltage carrying switches to activate electrical functions.

ISIS increases flexibility by allowing preconfigured or customized programming to control any electrical system in your vehicle.

ISIS improves security and mobility with the use of optional key fob and touch screen control modules to allow remote access to vehicle functions and accessories.


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